• I have cut out all alcohol
  • I have cut out all caffeine from tea and coffee. All the caffeine that is left is a tiny bit in a tiny piece of dark chocolate I add to my bowl of oatmeal
  • I drink roseship tea, ginger tea and other herbal teas free of caffeine, but not too much of this either
  • Mostly I drink water
  • I count my calories, the total amount I eat is about 1800 calories, nowhere near the range that could make me gain weight
  • I exercise at least every other day. This has led to signifcant muscle gains, but I know there is plenty of room for improvement there
  • I prioritize good quality sleep
  • I have stopped working at weekends, I no longer teach on Saturdays or Sundays, which is something I did for years
  • I take supplements, such as fish oil, vitamin D, magnesium and others
  • I add kurkuma to many meals
  • I have started meditating (but I can still do better in that area)
  • I walk quite a lot (I can’t go running, because of an injured knee)
  • I am much more aware of my thoughts and my intial reflexes to respond to certain situations, so you could say I practice mindfullness
  • I focus on improving whatever I can improve, especially if it’s something that can help me make money or fill me with a sense of pride, such as continually improving my German and other languages
  • I have retooled my definition of success and have accepted that certain things simply don’t work and that I need to do other things to be more succesful
  • I practice gratefulness
  • Am teaching myself to look to the present and the future and not to the past, since I know I tend to obsess over my past and over-analyze every little thing I ever did
  • I am open to meeting lots of nice people face to face
  • I use this blog as a form of journaling, so whether someone reads it or not harldy matters, since I write it for me first and to hopefully inspire others second
  • I do little things to step out my comfort zone, but I could do a lot more
  • I have built daily routines to make lots of health decisions an automatic reflex
  • Am very open to people and I focus on the people who care about me and ditch the ones who do not, I also invest a lot less time in trying to establish a connection with people who simply do not like me and never will
  • I have adopted several ‘esoteric’ practices which help me maintain positive thoughts and positive attitudes
  • I take a little bit more care of the way I look
  • Am on no fap
  • I don’t give into sugar cravings, I only eat sugary things on special occassions (I had cheesecake for my son’s birthday)

    You may think this is a long list and ok, I am happy and surprised I have been able to make so many positive changes, but I know full well that it’s still not enough. What am doing is not extreme at all. I feel like this is just the beginning. Once I develop a passion for something I tend to take it very far. I can build a small house using my American Civil War books as bricks.

    You will see me add more things to this list very soon, if not daily.

    I think my ultimate goal is to look like Mark Wahlberg or as close ot it as I can get and then maintain that for the rest of my life.

    What are you doing to boost your health levels?

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