So yes, I want more. I used to be ashamed to admit that in faux modesty Kurt Cobain fashion. I was afraid of being sabered down by insecure people just for stating am ambitious and desire more. 

I have been getting more and more disciplined and also smarter about my diet. On Tuesday a student who hadn’t seen me for two weeks again said I looked good and looked thinner. So it must be doing something. 

I have been working like a maniac. There have been days on which I started teaching and seeing therapy clients at 7 am and ended at 22.30. People ask: who wants to learn a language that late??? Those people exist. Luckily. 

I teach everywhere. At home, at companies, outside, in restaurants, in bars, in coffee shops, at people’s homes, in malls and in parks. So far the only place I have refused to teach at is… the sauna. Yeah, you can get all kinds of offers as a private language teacher. 

I have been reading a hell of a lot, but my reading strategy has improved. Sorry for starting every paragraph with ‘I’, but am obviously very focused on boosting my own happiness and growth right now, cause I have become hell bent on throwing off the yoke of depression I have been carrying around for years and have used the wrong kind of ‘painkillers’ for. I started noticing how my depressions and negativity started hurting those around me. I think that was the final alarm call, along with some other very painful experiences 2022 was full off. You could say am building my new villa on rock bottom. 

I will discuss some of the books I have read recently in future posts. 

Am still not sure if I will get the things am after, but I can say am going after them way harder, with fewer distractions, with less ego involved and without feeling shame for wanting those things. 

Stay tuned 🙂 


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