You don’t love yourself. You didn’t receive the attention, compassion, love that you needed. And… You feel like you are not enough. We feel like we are not enough and… we let our bodies expand in a way that we hate. It’s a cycle. I am not enough. I seek comfort in food. I become ‘more’, but not in the way I intended and now I loathe myself even more. The cycle continues. Once you feel like you are enough this craving for food dissipates. It’s like a burden drops from your shoulders. You literally feel lighter.

Having an understanding of what you need to eat and what you need to ditch in order to maintain a healthy weight is important. But knowledge of dieting is not going to help as long as you don’t feel like you are enough, that you deserve love and that you can feel compassion and nurturing love for yourself. Like Peter Crone says: ‘People in the west are overfed and undernourished.’

Instead of criticizing yourself for eating and being disgusted by the way you look you can accept the way you are and say there is nothing wrong with you. Start there. The food cravings will become less and less intense the more you practice self-love.


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