I’m reading his book ‘ten arguments to delete your social media accounts’.

He’s a wonderfully sweet man with some very profound and relevant things to say about technology.

His life has been almost unbelievably chaotic. His parents narrowly escaped being killed in the Holocaust. An experience that would of course heavily influence their son, even though he was born in the US. In the US he experienced plenty of anti-semitism himself. Then, when he was 9 years old his mother died in car crash. After that he lived pretty much like a gypsie. He put himself through college making goat cheese. He assisted a midwife delivering babies in fields among agricultural workers.

He is a pioneer of virtual reality.

Now he criticizes tech companies for their business model and how that business model is turning us all into addicts, bullies and hypersensitive individuals who engage with mostly negative content…

I don’t know if that’s the best summary I can give you, but I urge you to get to know the guy and his work.