At the moment my nose is itching because my son’s father toy is the vacuum cleaner. He pulls it behind him all through the house and vacuums or forces me to vacuum. But the vacuum cleaner is unplugged. Still, it spreads some dust and I am allergic to Dutch.

In the picture you see the damage done after my The Great Horde of Bruno The Hun passed through my study.

I think parenting is not for most people.

It really does take a village to raise a child.

And there are no more villages.

There are just lots of disconnected people trying to make a living.

The internet can’t make up for the destruction of tightly knit communities.

The diseases of our time are probably lack of intimacy, loneliness, narcissism, emptiness one tries to compensate for with addictions and a lack of sexual fulfillment.

Not an ideal climate to raise children in.