Patrick Moote got turned down by his girlfriend when he proposed to her. She later explained that it was because his penis size did not satisfy her.

Devastated he went looking for answers.

Several experts confirm that his penis is a bit smaller than the average penis. His penis could be considered the Asian standard.

I respect him for talking about this so publicly. It’s mortifying to have a small penis.

My penis – based on what I gather from the documentary – is a bit bigger than Patrick’s, but really not by much, I think.

This has made me very insecure about sex, though I compensate by being passionate, tender and with lots of kissing, caresses and pussy licking. Still, I never feel like it fully compensates. I have only had two sexual partners who I completely believed when they said they were fully satisfied with my penis size. This insecurity has also led me to immediately lose all interest in a woman who for whatever reason cannot orgasm. Luckily, so far, this never had something to do with my penis. It had nothing to do with a penis of any size actually. They just couldn’t.

It’s made me avoid the army, team sports, saunas, it’s made me turn down women who offered to give me a blowjob. It’s made me avoid basically anything where I would be naked among strangers.

I have had only two sexual partners who suggested it was on the smaller side. Only one of those two said she had less pleasure because of that, the other one didn’t care at all, because she got her pleasure from other things. I also had the impression it was simply the right fit for her. Every woman is different.

What I don’t understand about this documentary is how Patrick goes off on a path to find ways to make his penis bigger.

Strange cause it’s very easy to find out it’s impossible without surgery. Even with surgery the results can be rather underwhelming.

Eventually he does face surgery as his last and only real option, but after watching one of those operations he is so disgusted (you see him vomit) he decides against it.

Either Patrick was truly very desperate or not too bright or there wouldn’t have been a docu if he had just gone with the research: except for surgery there is nothing to make your penis bigger.

Sometimes your natural size gets lost a little because of health issues. You can then lose weight or exercise to improve your blood flow. But this doesn’t make your penis bigger it just gives you full access to what you were born with. Even so, the difference will still be only half an inch or so.

What you can do, is to stop watching porn entirely. I know watching porn has greatly exacerbated the negative feelings I have about my penis. I would say watching porn has seriously damaged my mental health and self-image.

Other than that you will have to focus on finding a woman who is tighter. I don’t think there is a link with her height, so unless you penetrate her you won’t know.

There are women I simply do not feel at all and there are women who seem to grip me super tight. The latter is infinitely better of course. With the former a long term relationship would probably be impossible.

Some women totally prefer a very large penis, so yes, for those your average penis will be a problem. It’s unfair to hate those women. It’s a preference they can’t help. You have your own unalterable preferences as well.

I think in our culture there is no way around it: if you have a small or average or only slightly bigger than average penis you are bound to feel shitty about that. Though there are some delusional guys out there who really do seem to think their mini wiener is actually big. Usually guys who have little experience and never watch much porn. Great for them I suppose.

I could say having a merely average penis has often made me a more passionate lover, but seriously I would prefer to be a passionate lover with a bigger one. It would certainly do wonders for my confidence AND I would enjoy sex a hell of lot more knowing that am really filling up a woman.


Unhung hero is a brilliant title.