821) Do Asian women have tighter vaginas than women with a different ethnic background? A. Yes. B. No. C. Maybe

822) Which country on earth has the men with the smallest penis size on average? A. Japan B. Peru C. Korea D. Iceland

823) What does Patrick Moote explore in the docu Unhung hero?

824) What will most likely happen if you use penis pumps to get a bigger penis? A. Nothing B. It will become a lot bigger C. You will end up damaging your penis and get weaker erections D. It depends on the type of penis you have

825) What is not the name of a Nazi concentration camp? A. Dachau B. Treblinka C. Sobibor D. Breendonk E. Nemmersdorf

826) In which country were the first eye glasses made? A. Italy B. Egypt C. Ireland D. Ukraine

827) Jaron Lanier has come up with the following acronym: Bummer. It stands for Behaviors of Users Modified and Made into Empires for Rent. The acronym describes everything that is wrong with A. Television B. Newspapers C. Social Media. D. Schools and universities

828) Which language has the most words? A. English B. Korean C. Spanish D. There is no way to know for sure

829) In Chinese the same syllable can have five different meanings depending on the tone you use when you pronounce it. Name one meaning of the word ‘ma’.

830) In which language does ‘chao ban’ mean ‘hello’?