You are not going to be a success by playing a little bit of chess, doing a little bit of Instagram, making some YouTube videos and at the same time working at a job you don’t like. Not going to happen.

Look at anybody who is a success and chances are that person invests most of his or her energy in one thing.

Serena Williams doesn’t play two hours of football, then two hours of chess, then half an hour of gold and half an hour of volleyball to end her day playing two hours tennis. No, her entire focus is on tennis. And she EXCELLS at tennis.

The Beatles did not do much else than play live music before they got famous.

Call it the 10,000 hour rule if you like. A lot of people now know it will take 10,000 hours of deep practice to become world class at something. 10,000 is a lot, but it’s doable. If you focus on one thing you could pretty much pull it off in less than 5 years (and you would still have time for some other pursuits).

We all have limited energy.

Let’s say we all have 100 energy units to spend in a day.

Let’s imagine you are trying to build something really cool on Instagram for example.

Let’s say you are consistently spending 10 of your energy units on creating that cool thing.

But there are people who are consistently spending 70 energy units on their cool Instagram thing.

Who’s going to be succesful?

By spending I also mean: spending them right.

If there are people spending 70 energy units right and you only 10, then there is just no way you will be succesful. They will get the attention, the network, the allies, the best algorhythm, etc. And you won’t get there. Even though what you create will still be better than what most casual users of Instagram are doing. It will not be enough to break through.

Invest most of your energy in one clear goal. What your goal should be will be covered in a different success secret.


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