Some critics slashed through this series like Hector through Patroclus.

They said it’s just a bunch of Calvin Klein models repeating self-help mantras. They said the dialogue was stale. They attacked it for its soft porn ambience.

Well, as modern day series go there is actually not much sex to be seen here.

It compares favorably to the movie Troy starring Brad Pitt. It’s much more brutal for example. In a realistic way. The movie shyed away from showing us the gruesome aftereffects of rape. This series doesn’t hide what violence and violent people are really like. The last episode disgusted me, but because things like we see in this series happened and keep happening.

Visually it’s quite ok. The music does not get on one’s nerves. The acting is ok.

Maybe that’s why it failed to hook a giant viewing audience. It’s on the whole just ok.

Kudos for making Achilles and Patroclus black men.

Also great that some of the Gods play an active role. Although I guess that the writers got lazy and left them out in later episodes.

It tells the story of Troy a bit differently than the Brad Pitt movie. I would argue it’s a lot more interesting here. The battle scenes are not exciting to watch though…

Yes, thanks to the action scenes the movie provides a bigger shot of adrenaline than this series.

It’s not as good as similar series such as Vikings. It’s better than the last two seasons of Game of Thrones, but not better than the first GoT season. I would say it’s not as good as the German series Barbaren either. But it’s better than The last kingdom (which I simply gave up on…).

It’s quite enjoyable. Not something I will ever rewatch though… I did rewatch all seasons of Vikings for example.

If you like ancient history and mythology or if you like the thought of lots of Calvin Klein models rolling around in the sand you should tune in.


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