You have seen it all before.

All of it.

Not just because this is almost a copy of the series Everwood, but because it’s a copy of the most common melodramatic story lines you know.

Old, relatively smart people not wanting to accept what’s good for them.

Domestic abuse.

A doctor not wanting an assistant. And you just know he will come to worship her.

Inane bickering you have seen a million times before.

People treating each other a bit harshly, but actually they loooove each other.

The o so American ‘people from the city are so much worse than the we take care of our own backwoods folks’.

A veteran getting flashbacks and being guilt-ridden.

A lot of characters feel guilty for stuff they’re not even responsible for.

The main character feels responsible for her husband dying in a car crash.

I have dated a woman like that. The character in this series in no way behaves like a woman who has just lost her husband AND gave birth to a still born baby. Sorry no, she doesn’t.

This series also shows you how a succesful bar can stay succesful even though all its staff members constantly run off to attend to their personal business during opening hours.

In the end all the characters, except for a few true baddies do the right thing.

There is a bit of sex, but in no ways the arousing kind. Do not expect sex scenes that will make you wish it was you doing it.

I have seen someone call this series Dawson’s Creek for adults, but that’s an insult to the creators of Dawson’s Creek.

Dawson’s Creek was way better filmed, edited, with much smarter dialogue, clever references to a lot of pop culture and literature and way more interesting plot lines. It also made a much better use of its visually striking setting.

Am a total sucker for romance so I will watch the third season as soon as it comes out.

It’s bad. It’s at times really annoying. I rolled my eyes several times cause it was that bad.

It’s comfort food.

Sure, some very sad things happen, but never so sad or heartbreaking or maddening that nothing compensates.

Like ok, she loses her husband, but I don’t feel like she really loved him like mad. Just don’t feel it.

And it’s absolutely crushing to give birth to a still born child, but it’s infinitely worse to lose a child a bit later when you have already fed and held it countless times and you would give your life for that baby to ensure its well-being.

So all the sadness is carefully picked to not crush the viewer’s soul like some movies I watched this year have done. They still haunt me. Virgin River will not haunt me. It lacks power.

But lately am in the mood for mindless feelgood stuff and Virgin River hit the spot.

Not something I would be watching if I had a life though.

It’s a series you can use like legal heroin.


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