I have more than 4 million views on the social media platform Quora. I stopped contributing some years ago. Why? Because they keep accusing me of stealing my own writing! In one case somebody even plagiarised my article on some popular website and then Quora thought the plagiarised article was the original. Luckily they believed me when I showed them some proof that it was the other way around. Something similar has happened several times and am just tired of it.

You also never get to know the reasoning behind the decisions. I think in my case is because some of my answers on Quora are also to be found on my website.

I have also seen people banned for the most random reasons.

This weird kind of anonymous thought police is really the last thing we need, so I certainly don’t regret my decision to stop contributing on Quora.

By contributing on Quora am just making money for other people and getting nothing in return beyond the ego fix of getting views, but the last time I checked I couldn’t pay for bread in any shop with any number of views…