I think about 30 of my books, probably more, are somewhere out there. Most of them are in the hands of students. It’s my own fault. I should not be lending anyone any books. Some will likely still return to my library, some will not. In some cases I have been told that they lost my books somehow.

Am not blaming anyone except myself. I should know better by now than to lend anyone books.

In some cases people reacted enthusiastically and actually read what I lent them, as a teacher am overjoyed when that happens – am a weirdo, I know – but it’s simply not worth the hassle of chasing students, sometimes practically begging to return books.

I greatly enjoy giving gifts to the people am fond of so in the future I will simply GIVE the book if I really want a student to read a book. Something I did two weeks ago with a lawyer who’s been my student for three years.

However, am not Bill Gates, nor Jeff Bezos and can’t afford to lose that many books.

Am sorry that the people who did return the books are now being punished by those who did not, but that’s unfortunately how it always goes.

In my case I didn’t lose any truly expensive books, but the colleague who inspired me to adopt this rule has lost some books this way that are now going for as much as 100 euro on Amazon.

EDIT: the first person who liked this post borrowed a book from me in 2014 and never returned it. Oh, the irony. Jonathan, I love you anyway.

Thank you to everyone who returned the books after reading them. You rock.

I myself will be returning three books and one movie I was lent.