So there have been some significant changes. I doubt these effects can be generalized. Am guessing my relationship to coffee may be a little rare.

After a week of no coffee:

  • my anxiety levels are up, way up
  • am -even- more depressed than before
  • I can’t fall asleep at night (I rarely have trouble falling asleep when am on coffee)
  • I sleep a lot more during the day, probably because I sleep a lot less at night
  • I got a headache almost every day
  • I previously claimed coffee made me eat a lot, but also without coffee I overeat
  • am less talkative
  • less nightmares
  • I feel a little bit calmer, more anxious, but calmer
  • my mind feels a bit lighter when I wake up
  • for some reason I feel like my heartbeat is up just like when am on coffee

You might start wondering if am not better off just jumping right back into the black pond and quaff the jittery juices.

It’s been only a week and I was a very heavy coffee drinker. It’s possible it could take months for my body to fully adapt to not having a large caffeine intake.

One thing I wish to mention about the info on coffee out there :: it’s confusing

You can find tons of info on coffee, caffeine and its effects. For each positive article you can find a negative one.

There are articles saying coffee is good for your skin and others saying it causes acne. Some claim coffee dehydrates, others claim the opposite. And so on and on.

The only consensus seems to be that coffee does not damage your heart and that you can’t commit suicide by drinking too much coffee.

To motivate me to quit I deliberately looked for horror stories about coffee. How it raises your cortisol levels. How it puts you in fight or flight mode for no good reason. How it burns out your adrenal glands. How it stains your teeth. How it makes you lose minerals. I deliberately looked for positive testimonies of people who had quit coffee.

Most of all I want some consistency. Be either a coffee drinker or not. Quit this dependency once and for all.

To be able to say anything serious about the effects of quitting coffee I will have to be clean for at least three months.

Yesterday I decided to also quit drinking tea. Except for one or two cups of Saint Wort, because that might help against depression.

Of course it’s also simplistic to expect one dietary change to turn your whole life around.

I quit coffee because I hope it will allow me to read books the way I used to, make me feel more energetic eventually, lower my anxiety levels, do something for my skin and get rid of that horrible brain fog feeling when I wake up and give me less frequent headaches. I don’t want to smell like coffee either. Plus I wish to drink a lot less milk for several reasons. I believe milk does acne. Am planning to die of a heart attack not of prostrate cancer and although am not a vegan I have quite a lot of sympathy for veganism, the way we treat animals is simply animal abuse. On top of everything: running out of milk is the primary reason why this household has to go to supermarket three, four times a week. Less milk, less shopping.

By the way, milk in Slovakia is overpriced, as many fast moving consumer goods are in this country compared to Belgium.