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For starters :: She will make a lot of eye contact

While making eye contact she’ll bite her lip, or lick her lips. Her pupils will dilate and her eyes will look bigger. Her glances will move back and forth between your eyes, your lips and your crotch. Here are 13 more points.

  1. She will go out of her way to get physically close to you

    Very often they will move just close enough for you to start wondering if your bodies are touching or not. They are incredibly good at finding the exact distance of barely touching.
  2. She will touch you and find excuses to touch or be touched Initially she will often punch you on your upper arm. She might tickle you. She might just jump on your lap and straddle you with her legs. She may start removing real or imaginary lint from your clothes. She may even suggest that she can give you a massage, or she can suggest that giving her a massage would be a welcome move.Note that almost any woman will expect the guy to make the first move, but if they are really aroused they will create plenty of opportunity for you to make that first move.

    Also note that a girl will not keep creating the opportunity to make the first move indefinitely. If you don’t make that first move after she’s given you every possible chance, she will leave, she may even get angry and annoyed with you.

    4. She will get wet

    Not always, but very often. In some cases you can actually tell she is wet. Depending on what she’s wearing she may make the couch or the bed wet. Doesn’t happen often, but it happens. In some cases you can smell it when a girl is aroused, but then she needs to be really aroused, really close and she needs to be wearing very thin or no clothing.

    5. She’ll get a little giddy

    She won’t know what to do with herself, she’ll start moving her body more. She might also freeze up though as a way of trying to control herself. She’ll seem a little drunk perhaps. Some will get flirtatious, they might seem wild. This is why it’s true to say ‘if you have to ask then she isn’t’.

    6. She may have red cheeks and she may get rid of some of her clothing

    This is because she is literally feeling hot

    7. She’ll switch the topic to sex or will start making suggestive comments

    She will find very subtle way to have you start talking about sex, you won’t even notice it, but somehow the conversation will start hinting towards sex.

    8. She may all of sudden want the two of you to drink alcohol

    9. She starts dancing for you

    If there’s a dance floor near she may start dancing a lot more actively, showing off her moves. Even if you’re alone with her, she’ll may want to show you how well she can dance.




    10. She starts to put food in your mouth or wants to share food with you

    In a way this is an other way to start touching, but there’s also something erotic about sharing food.

    11. She is very much living in the moment

    Yesterday and tomorrow don’t exist. Nothing can distract her anymore. She is very present and totally there with you, living the moment. This gives an intensity to the moment that is not typical for your every day interactions or conversations.

    12. She looks happy and has an open body language

    She doesn’t clench her arms in front of her chest, she doesn’t press her legs tightly together. She faces towards you. She doesn’t close herself off. She starts exposing vulnerable parts of her body like her neck.

    13. She won’t leave her hair alone 

She will fidget, she will play with her hair, draw attention to her hair, shake her hair, she simply will touch her hair a lot.

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