1. Doing the grammar check of a thesis on Mo Yan, a Chinese word smithy

I didn’t know the dude. Don’t think I’ll read his books, I’m allergic to magical realism (except for the movie Pan’s labyrinth) but the thesis is interesting, as far as a thesis can be interesting.


2. We did a video today, my very first in Slovak

Couldn’t have done without the help of a friend of mine. Although we got a little nervous from the technical difficulties we were experiencing, we had fun.

And as my friend said: ‘There are worse videos, a lot worse, than what we did’

You can check it out here. It’s in -broken- Slovak though, and without subtitles.

A girl from the Philipines reacted by saying: ‘You are chubby, but stupidely cute.’

Not exactly the best compliment I’ve ever gotten, but I took it in stride. Thanks.

At least she didn’t point out how shockingly exhausted I always look these days.

Zuzi says: ‘Don’t worry, the guitar player from Mumford and Sons is twice your size and sexy as hell’.

Her balm on the wound did not have the desired effect.

3. Be mine, by Ofenbach on repeat for at least 45 minutes

I’m not into music anymore, but this song kinda struck a vibrant chord. Thanks to the student who brought this trippy-dancy song to my attention.

You can be swayed by the beats here.

4. One Quora answer got 1,700 upvotes 

Kinda nice.

It’s actually just an old blog post I found the right question to.

5. My latest attempt at a novel, the Story of O&Z is my most spirited ever

You know what? If I could push myself to go running three times a week, totalling 36 kms a week, like I did when I was still a student happily oblivious of the traps of adult life, I would truly be doing better than ever before.

Except that so far I haven’t been able to push myself to go running, because it interferes with my maniacally checking Twitter, Quora, Facebook, smsses, emails,The Guardian’s homepage, etc. I only ever read the titles of the articles, I’m a modern human being with the attention span of a retarded and quicksilver poisoned goldfish that has to chose between twenty different kinds of worms.

Am I hearing a ping sound?

Is it the oven, my instagram account or my twitching eyelid rubbing against the frame of my glasses ???



Our attempt at an I’m Poppy parody.