1. My previous post angered some people just a wee bit

I’m talking about this one.

Guess there was some truth to the depiction of what kind of men quite a few Slovak women seem to dig.

I meant every word of it, but do note that I did not have anyone specific in mind when I wrote this.

2. My best friend barged in for a surprise visit!

And he got physical.

He’s like Tyrion Lannister, but twice as tall and seriously huggable!

He’s completely fluent in Slovak which is as difficult as old Valerian and a lot harder than Dothraki.

Why am I pointing to Game of thrones?

Because I’m a geek.

Some say I’m a huggable geek.


3. When you pose as a hot woman on Tinder you don’t know whom you should feel more sorry for, men or women?

ik-als-vrouwSeveral things happen when you pose as a hot woman on social media, it doesn’t have to be Tinder.

You get sent dick pics! Really! A lot! Instantly!

A surprisingly LARGE number of guys thinks saying your dick is BIG counts as a form of greeting. When you don’t respond they feel the need to remind you, hey, I mean, it’s like, really, really big.

You would think that after the election of Trump everybody would be able to use the words ‘huge’ or ‘enormous’, but no, they stick to ‘really big’.

Some ask if your tits are real.

Most ask how you are and then follow this up by answering this question themselves with: ‘I’m bored. Lol.’

Lots of them say: ‘damn, you are hot.’

Most have no patience.

Most get sort of violent when I don’t answer.

‘You’re a little stuck-up bitch, aren’t you?’

‘You think you’re gonna land some rich dude, right?’

‘You’re a tease. Bitch.’

‘If you don’t answer I’m going to unmatch.’

And one guy creepily or desperately says: ‘I can pay.’

That’s when I deleted the profile.

It was interesting to be a hot woman for three hours…

I sort of understand why women walk around with these defensive, sour faces.

By the way, these are the pictures I used for the fake Tinder profile.



4. I guess I know how to give dating advice, but there’s an important caveat…. 

Based on the reactions on Quora.


What I forgot to mention though is that the last woman I fell in love with threw me so much out of balance that I was reduced to just drowning in her eyes.

So fuck game theory. If you have feelings for someone you will see forces take over that won’t listen to any kind of dating advice.

5. Ten years ago my good friend Tom passed away and I still miss him

tom-sandersWhat on earth is awesome about that?

The fact that I still miss him is awesome.

He was that special to me.

We knew each other for ten years, that’s exactly as long as he’s been gone now.

And yet I still think about him.

And yesterday, when I was taken by surprise by a picture his mum had posted on Facebook I had tears rolling down my cheeks. And no, I don’t cry easily I might add in a closet case macho kind of reflex.

He’s one of three guys who have ever told me they loved me directly to my face.

He accepted all my flaws, and I have many.

He gave up smoking just because I asked. Although he did start again when it looked like his cancer was terminal.

He always enjoyed a good joke, even on his death bed we were still laughing.

Once we got into a real fight, but we stayed friends anyway.

I don’t know, I sort of felt peaceful in his company. A rare thing.

RIP Tom.