1. In Bratislava it’s easy to practice your language skills

German, Czech, Slovak, English, Hungarian…

Those are just the languages I used today, talking to native speakers.

Ok, the exchange in Hungarian was limited to learning to say very basic things such as ‘hello’, ‘bye’, ‘thank you very much’, etc, but still, it’s easy to meet people here in Bratislava to teach you some Hungarian.

2. Good news for those concerned about their penis size

When a woman is in love with you she MASSIVELY overestimates the size of your member. See picture.

It turns out the most effective penis enlargement is love!

penis size love.jpg

Imagine that, all you need is love.

And technique and stamina and, well, the list is long, but you don’t need any Donkey parts, unless you bump into a Size Queen.

3. The most effective and fastest way to wake up students is to yell ‘aufstehen’ at the top of your lungs

The effect may wear off if you overuse this method.

4. Slovak people are the nicest and most forgiving people when it comes to learning their language

They will almost never lose patience when you’re trying to explain something in broken Slovak, they will almost never correct you (which has its downsides if you want to perfect your knowledge of Slovak) and they will never be arrogant towards you if you mistakes. Isn’t that truly awesome? Some Russians will never speak to you again for making even the tiniest of mistakes…

5. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day

Okay, I suspect the flowers, chocolate, restaurants, chicflick, lingerie, etc lobbies to be behind this mass organized day of frantic butterflies, but, it’s kinda nice.

There are only 8 girls in our school, and more than 500 boys, I kinda hope they get showered with gifts tomorrow. Though I’m almost certain they won’t be, Slovak guys rarely make much of an effort to win a girl’s heart…