1. Bratislava looked like the song ‘San Franciso’ by Scott McKenzie today

I saw so many men and women carrying flowers today, all because of Valentine’s day. The florists made a killing today.

I was raised as a ‘love is all around’ hippie, so even though I’m allergic to it, not the flowers, but the commodification of hollywoodian love, it did touch me.

‘If you’re going to San Francisco’


Lots of people got ‘tender loving care’ today. Which is said to be the only antidote against the onslaught that is PMS.

2. Yoko One (°1933!!!) has her birthday this week

Born on the cusp Aquarius-Pisces. Special kind of people. Visions of society plus a sensitivity that is alien to most full blood Aquarians. A willingness to serve and a tendency to become totally self-effacing and oblivious to their own needs. They are also notoriously hard to find a suitable present for….

Why I’m yapping on about astrology?

Don’t know for mysterious reasons I always find that people resemble their Zodiac signs… I’m pure Pisces-Ariës for example… I’m much too agressive for a Pisces and I’m much too sensitive for an Ariës… Yes, that can be a troublesome cocktail at times.


3. They have the nicest students in Slovakia

And we make the Mexicans pay their tuition fees. It’s true.

4. When I was hurting today, someone gave me this advice:

‘drink this bitter goblet of wine to the bottom, suffer every single moment of it and be thankful for your suffering’

And you know what? I did.

I took a deep breath and jumped right into the pain. I embraced it, I clad myself in it, I even exposed myself to more of it. I went so far as to invite it into my life.

The teacher arrives when the student is ready. Well, since there’s no way to hide, give it to me, baby. Let’s see what the lesson is.

By the way, the person who gave me the advice accidentally stumbled on the magic that is ‘the paradoxical theory of change’. You have to accept situation A before you can get to situation B, no matter how painful situation A is.

Whenever I try living with my head only, my heart becomes a most unruly William Wallace riding a most recalcitrant Centaur.

5. London, baby!

Nothing is so bad that a trip to London can’t cure, right?

Well, of course there are things that can’t be cured, but one can hope.

I had a nasty nightmare this morning at 4 am, and I want to go to bed with a happy thought in order to have some blissful dream.

I’m hoping for something along the lines of tea, carrot cake and conversation shed of all its usual societal and judgemental limitations.