41. People are getting more boring, lonelier, more scared, more insecure, more overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, more hooked on their job, less and less rebellious in any meaningful way, keep recording videos of their non-eventful daily lives and watching others record theirs and are becoming more and more depressed. But podcasts will tell you how you can have the life of your dreams if you follow the steps the expert says…

42. We have a very safe, relatively well-organized, in many ways very comfortable world. But here’s the irony: the things we need to do to create that safe environment have cut us off from almost all the things that make us really alive. So many soul deadening jobs to make sure we all have some basic comforts, but not the circumstances that let our human souls thrive.

43. Every American (and European) should see this at least 5 times a day till it finally sinks in. The Democrats and the Republicans are there to give you the illusion of choice. The billionaire class wins every US presidential election, no matter if there is a Democrat or a Republican in the White House. The political spectrum is a bit more diverse in Europe, but not by much.

44. Start seeing through identity politics. It does not matter one fucking bit if a politician is gay or a woman or brown and talks of hope and change. None of those qualities say anything about that politician’s integrity. A lesbian Afro-American woman can also be a corrupt morally hypocrite money-grubbing war mongering whore. Yes, she can.

45. Suffering anywhere on this planet will hurt all of us in the end, there is no suffering in this world that doesn’t come with a ripple effect of more suffering for others.

This is a very tiny planet. We are all connected. People suffering anywhere on this planet WILL eventually come back to haunt the privileged ones.

46. The worst nightmare of the drug cartels is the legalisation and regulation of all drugs

Am not a fan of drugs. That’s exactly why I want them to be legal.

Since this last point will be one of the least popular points on the list I recommend everyone to read Chasing The Scream by Johann Hari.

47. Friendship the way it’s often interpreted doesn’t exist. There’s just people agreeing to use each other. Just like most love in this world is fish love. You have heard about the difference between love and fish love, right? If not type in ‘rabbi fish love’ on YouTube.

48. Monogamy is quite unnatural and only exists to have a more peaceful social order, because without monogamy some men would have lots of sexual partners and many would have zero which would lead to violence. The sexually deprived majority would eventually end up hacking the sex spoilt minority into a million tiny pieces.

49. The USA is a shithole country where the sharks get rich and the rest get squished. It’s a third world country with nuclear weapons and more than ten of the best aircraft carriers in the world. It’s an oil company with an army.

50. Money can buy you happiness. To some extent. Life gets A LOT easier if you have money. And once you have money it becomes a whole lot easier to attract more of the good stuff into your life, because money allows you to relax, to smile, to be less stressed, in short: money will probably make you more attractive.

51. You can expect more shit from your friends than from your enemies

52. People today respect authority too much, not too little

53. The stock market only says how the rich are doing, not the rest of us

54. People are much more influenced by external factors than they realize, cause it’s a scary thought that we are but a ball in the pinball machine with limited possibilities for change

55. The planet is totally fine. I have to agree with the late George Carlin there. The earth doesn’t care if all the trees are gone. The earth doesn’t care about humans. Even if there is an intelligent entity behind life humans may just be a step along the way and not the pinnacle of evolution we often fancy ourselves to be.

56. Really learn some not so common language

I swear this will open a new and rich world to you that you could never have experienced if you hadn’t learned the language. Just make sure it’s a language you enjoy learning. It only works if you put in the work to reach level B2 and beyond. That’s when a lot of new gates can swing open.

57. Throw everything you simply know you’ll never use out of the house

Decluttering will pay you dividends.

Decluttering your house will also help you declutter your mind.

Nothing new can come if you keep clinging to the old.

58. Take an honest look at how you formed your opinions and for a few weeks question everything you believe is true

You can come back to the positions you hold, but just for a few weeks assume that all your opinions about humanity, society, history, etc are wrong. Also ask yourself which emotional reasons are tied to your opinions. There are ALWAYS emotions behind your opinions. This is what makes it so hard for people to change their opinion on anything. My opinions have a lot to do with how my father experienced the world. Over the years I have had to shake off some because he wasn’t always right – which was excruciating for me to acknowledge – and at other times he was eerily right about many things. But I have questioned it all. I think you should do the same.

59. Mean something to others. Be part of something bigger.

All unhappy people I know expect more from the world than they are willing to give. They are in this life for themselves and it’s the formula to make you miserable. If you’re just running around looking for your next ego or pleasure fix you will eventually hit a wall.

Boosting someone else’s happiness will do a lot for your own joie de vivre.

Give something to the world and people will come along that value your effort.

60. Go where they need you

Location matters. The world is big. What you have to offer may not be in demand in Finland, but may be in demand in Colombia. One company may not know what to do with you and the next company may not know what to do without you. A change of scene can do wonders.

Humans need the feeling of being needed.

Go wherever they need you most.

Why do you think I ended up in Slovakia?