61. ExerciseI have met some rather happy obsese people, but they would just be even happier if they were fit.Our bodies are made to move.Exercise has a very positive effect on our brain chemistry.  That’s the biggest pay-off. Moving and lifting heavy things will boost your happiness levels, your creativitiy, your sex drive, your intelligence, etc, etc, etc Well, I don’t need to go into details. Y’all know what exercise can do for you. EXERCISE. It’s one of the easiest things you can do to feel better. It’s that simple. 62. Stop investing time in stale relationshipsEverybody knows you should cut all toxic relationships out of your life. Obviously.  A little less obvious is that you should also get rid of people you have in your life just because you are scared of being alone or for lack of an alternative. It can be scary to do, but you free up space for people to come along who struck the right chord and vice versa. And besides, it’s also fair to those people. Nobody wants to be hanging out with someone who is secretely longing to be some place else. Choose to spend your time with people you are magnetically attracted to – in a friendship way or otherwise – and if those aren’t there, fine be alone for a while. Do stuff you enjoy and kindred spirits will appear.The same goes for activities that are only mildly pleasant. Do stuff that makes you feel alive.63. What you do mattersDon’t even for one second think that what you do has no impact. Everything has an impact. Influence one person positively and in the long run you may very well be influencing millions of people positively. Consider the ripple effect. Let go of the megalomania. You don’t have to have 100,000 followers on Twitter to make a difference. Making a positive difference is the whole point if you want to be happy.64. At least try. Because… what we think we becomeYou have about 60 to 70 years on this planet. Give or take. At least try. Try and build something. Even the attempt itself matters. You’re a human being. You are part of the most advanced community on this planet. Some people are pure evil, but most are not. If you’re goinf to be here anyway you might as well try to help make things better in a way that suits your talents and passions best. Life has a strange way of opening up possibilities if we first believe that those possibilities exist. Am allergic to the way ‘the secret’ was hyped and how it focused so much on material gain, but there is a grain of truth to it. What you visualize tends to materialize. So at least try.65. It’s time to tell your parents how you really feel about them. And if they are not around write them a letter. Now is the time to calmly tell them how you have experienced them. If you don’t you will never really become yourself. And hug them. If you don’t you’ll regret it when they’re gone.66. Getting drunk will stop being fun. When you are young alcohol can still awaken you to some truth about yourself. Reserve a night with yourself or with your best friend or lover and drink purely for insight. Veritas in vino. Except that the introspective boost of alcohol fades when you get older. Use it wisely.67. Most of the new people you meet now won’t be in your life in ten years. That’s ok. You don’t expect to be wearing the exact same clothes you are wearing now in ten years either, right? Things and people are good for us at certain times and different things and people are right for us at other times. Be ok with that. 68. The worst that happens when the cute stranger rejects your offer to go for a drink is that you won’t go for a drink with the cute stranger. That’s it. And if your offer gets accepted, well, all the better. You will go for a drink with the cute stranger. It’s a very simple question. Getting a no will not kill you. Getting a yes will be exciting. Getting a no is ok, the right person will say yes and the wrong person will say no. You always attract whatever you are ready for into your life and you don’t attract into your life what you are not ready for. 69. If you’re going to do drugs then don’t do them alone. And get it from a source that is at least somewhat of a guarantee that you won’t be snorting rat poison, ground paracetamol pills or washing powder. Read about the effects before you do it. Better to know what to expect. Sort of. Seek help if you find yourself doing drugs for more than a few days in a row…. Occasionally, five times in one year, is an experimental phase. Every day for two weeks is a serious habit.70. It really is never too late. DO NOT link your age to doing certain things or not doing certain things. Forget about your age. Only listen to the voice inside yourself telling you what it is you want to do. 71. See a college degree as a goal for personal growth. Don’t assume that once you get it you will hit the jackpot on the job market. You can learn many things in college, in and outside of class. Probably more outside of class, but some interesting stuff in class as well. Will it have a lot to do with your future job? Probably not, unless you are studying to be a physician or an engineer perhaps. A degree gets you a foot in the door. The real learning starts later.72. You can learn a lot by simply having something useful playing in the background at all times. I learned German – among other things – by constantly having German documentaries and interviews playing in the background via YouTube. These days you can become an expert on many topics simply by constantly listening to experts online. While brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, folding clothes, cooking, working out, walking down the street…. Music is great, but won’t pay you many dividends later. Give this listening strategy a shot.73. Take care of your teeth. Oh dear, take care of those babies. After this never again go to bed without brushing your teeth. Hell, dental health even influences sperm quality. Yes, really.74. Guys, don’t put a laptop on your balls. Get enough zinc. Keep your phone away from your testicles. Don’t get those boys too warm. If you want to have children that is.75. One day the best feeling in the world will be being able to put food on the table for your child. Whatever you care about most now it risk becoming trivial once you become a parent. It’s a very big decision to have children. They change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine. If you don’t feel ready don’t do it.76. If you don’t love yourself others will often use you and move on. Whatever it is that stops you from loving yourself find out what it is, deal with it. Talk about it with people you trust or seek professional help or reach out to someone willing to listen. Don’t confuse self-love with narcissism either. A narcissist loves a fictional tale about himself. It has nothing to do with real self-love.77. Watch out for patterns in your behavior. Do you always end up falling for someone who is ultimately unavailable? Do you end up in projects with a partner who eventually bails and leaves you alone with the project? Do you attract people who break their promises? Does every boyfriend you have end up cheating on you? Do you end up cheating on every boyfriend you have? Look for patterns. They point to inner wounds that need attention. The sooner you deal with them the better.78. Get a mentor. Where do you find a mentor? Here is the good news: anyone who is super good at something LOVES teaching others to become good at it. Finding a mentor is… easy. 79. Sex almost always leads to pain. The pain can be immediate. When the sex is bad from the first moment and you just wish you were doing it with someone else. The pain can come right after. When you know there is someone out there who will be hurt by this. Or when it was great but you know there will be no next time for whatever reason. It can be much later when you and your partner have lost that magic feeling and now it’s gone, gone, gone. Maybe it comes because for the prospect of having sex you declined a job offer, you didn’t move to a different country when the time was exactly right. Am not talking about catching a STD here, though that can be part of the game too. Am talking about emotional anguish. Emotional scarring. Sex always leads to pain. Even when you’re not having any. Look up the incel community if you are in any doubt that not having sex is painful. It’s better to have it than to not have it, but you will almost always pay for it with pain.80. A rich man doesn’t have to tell you he’s rich. This is a big one. Remember this one. It will help you see through people. It works in any situation. A truly rich man will have zero motivation to flaunt his wealth. A great lover will not scream to the world what a great lover he is. The most succesful salesman at work is not going to run around the company saying he is the greatest salesman. The best president is not going to say he is the best president. The most popular girl in school is not going to claim she is the most popular girl in school. Anyone who has a need to broadcast to the world how he or she excells at something does not excell at that thing and is clawing away at the world out of insecurity. Give braggarts a hug. That’s what they most need. And a reality check.