31. When people show moral outrage it’s usually because they are envious. People hating on youngsters hanging out, laughing, having a good time? Hmmm, what did that person miss out on?

32. If you could get the rich taxed more heavily by ranting on Twitter they wouldn’t let you do it.

33. Social media make a socialist revolution less likely to happen even though in theory it would be much easier to organize thanks to social media. But that’s not how people use social media. Capitalism has never been safer. Meanwhile we are cultivating a cult of the entrepreneur and the influencer and hybrid forms of these.

34. Knowing about an injustice does not stop it. Our current day revolutionary spirits think spreading the message is all the activism they need to do. A modern day revolutionary tweets ‘universal healthcare’ and stuffs him or herself while watching fictional gorgeous and rich characters humping each other in some Netflix series.

35. Gays can’t make you nervous unless you are afraid you are gay.  Also: Being raised by a gay couple doesn’t make a child gay just like a child raised by a straight couple doesn’t make the child straight.

36. Women are NOT looking for a nice guy. I know some genuinely nice guys and they can’t find girls. And I know some total douchebags who manage to insert their penis in many a willing, consenting vagina.

37. Schools kill creativity.

38. Clean heroin won’t really affect your health. It’s the quality of the heroin and the typical circumstances drug users find themselves in that ruin their health. Drugs do not cause an addiction. If anyone who is exposed to drugs immediately gets hooked then anyone who’s ever received opioids after an operation would be suffering from an opioid addiction.

39. Self-help books are extremely derivative and formulaic. The formula goes a little like this… Person overcomes horrible personal tragedy. Person turns life around using some sort of system and routine. Person tells you adopting their approach will make you happy. Along the way studies will be mentioned to prove a point. These studies tend to come back in every self-help book. You know about the marshmallow test by now, right?

40. Leaders are NOT necessarily readers. They’re too busy leading. Conversely, most readers are too busy reading to be leading anything. Don’t gobble up these slogans swirling about the internet as if they are facts. Go out and study the people who are succesful leaders according to your standards. I doubt you’re thinking about finding them in the library or a book shop.