21. It’s liberating to forgive someone who wronged you. Forgiveness sets you free. This is of course easier said than done, but to hold on to a grudge against someone who wronged you makes you a prisoner of the person who wronged you.

22. Similar to the previous insight: Hating someone is like drinking poison hoping it will kill the other person.

23. Never ask heterosexual women for tips on how to seduce a woman. It’s like asking people who constantly watch cars go by, but have never driven themselves, what it is like to drive a car. Heterosexual women do not try and seduce other heterosexual women. They have zero experience as to how to go about it. And when they were seduced what they think made them fall for the guy is not necessarily true. Women nor men fully understand what they are attracted to in a person. There are patterns to seduction and women are not aware of them, unless they have actually studied it (but why would they study how to seduce a woman??). Chances are a woman will tell you ‘just be yourself.’ That’s not how this works. It only vaguely hints at what you should be doing to attract the right woman, but it’s hardly a toolkit. If want to attract women study the right material. This goes for everything in life: if you want to accomplish something find the tools in the right places. So many people run to the wrong sources for inspiration, because they feel safe or seem logical, but aren’t. So what is key when you want to attract the right person into your life? We’ll dedicate several points to that.

24. People are what they say other people are.

If someone sees narcissists everywhere chances are that person himself is a narcissist or has at least some strong narcissistic tendencies. Same goes for any other label a person often uses to criticize others. Someone sees idiots everywhere? Someone sees liars everywhere? Hmm…. Suspicious.

25. When we hate someone we usually hate something inside ourselves that that other person represents. Unnless of course the person you hate has murdered your entire family and has fucked your pet hamster up the ass. That’s just regular hatred, no layers there. Hoping that nobody has murdered your family it’s safe to assume this: whatever bothers us about other people is something that bothers us about ourselves.

26. Chasing money over building and maintaining meaningful connections with other people will make you miserable in the end.

27. Yes, you really are the product of the time you spent in the womb and your first three years outside of the womb. Sure, you can go through extreme changes, but the basis of your story was written in those first three years. Now it’s just unfolding. Even though it seems you control the narrative you are the product of what was done to you in those early years. With a few genetic dice rolls in the mix. You may feel like something you have read has profoundly changed your life, but without your history you would not have been open to that change. Face it, you are less of an influence in shaping who you are than you think you are. Psychotherapy can correct some things, but it will still be like rearranging the chapters and cutting and adding some paragraphs to a book that was written a long time ago.

28. Womanizers are looking for a mentally strong male to recognize them, to welcome them into the flock of manhood. They lack recognition from men and they look for it via ‚conquering‘ and getting acceptance in the form of sex from women. Since women cannot ‘knight’ them the cycle becomes endless. It’s a self-destructive loop and a dangerous addiction just like any other addiction.

29. Most men are as faithful as their options in picking sexual partners.

30. A woman is as faithful as her options in picking wealthier, more secure and more exciting partners than her current one. This is sometimes called ‘hypergamy’. Most women don’t really have that many options, so they appear to be quite faithful. They are also less likely than men to risk what they already have for something that might be better. A billionaire who throws everything away for a hot, twenty years younger partner? Of course that is going to be a male billionaire and not a female billionaire.