I got these three drawings in Portugal back in 2008. For years and years they were gathering dust somewhere on top of a book shelf back in Belgium.

Followers of this blog will know that in the summer of 2022 I decided once and for all to change my body AND my mind and to do whatever it takes for my to finally be happy and not suffer so much. (No therapist has ever confirmed this, but I have diagnosed myself with borderline personality disorder which is a pretty horrible condition to live with and also puts a lot of strain on the people closest to me).

One of the many things I have decided to do is to surround myself with innocence, but also beauty.

I have always liked these drawings. They happen to be the only drawings I have ever bought.

For a long time I haven’t cared about decorating my surroundings. I didn’t see the point and I thought it was a silly thing to do.

My surroundings didn’t really reflect who I was on the inside.

But… my minimalist monastery-like surroundings started affecting how I felt on the inside.

Uninspired, empty, down-cast…

It’s a mistake to not add beauty to your environment. I realize that now.

I am taking this much more seriously and I keep finding things I can put in my office and in my home to give me small positive energy and positivity ‘buzzes’.

I am excited about this and I see I have a lot of room to improve here.

I never fully realized how important it is for me to build a visually striking evironment full of things that fill me with a sense of beauty, peace and inspiration.

As a college student I invested quite a lot of time in decorating my room, but there was a lot of negativity involved. I had this amorous relationship going on with everything dark and brutal. My room would be covered with pictures of generals and slogans written in red ink like ‘everyone has a poisoned heart.’

I know realize how that affected me and undermined my mental health.

So if you are feeling down one of the things I advice you is to surround yourself with beauty.


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