Friends, family, exercise, healthy food, travel, going places, trying out new things, meditation, doing things just for the heck of it, a relaxing weekend, a stress free evening, not working on holiday…

I put all that on the back burner. Or I just burned it.

One student said: ‘It’s like you are trying to upload your life to your bank account. And for what? Even with your grinding schedule you will never be rich.’

I could go into the details of why I got so obsessed with working and scraping a somewhat decent income together, but the main thing I want to say is: don’t do it.

Smell the fucking roses.

I still work a lot, but all those things mentioned above now also have their rightful place.

In the picture you see some of things I find quite beautiful.

They remind me to ‘work so you can live and not to live so I can work’