If you are passionate about blogging then blogging is its own reward. Same with kicking back with a puzzle or strolling along a beautiful river or sipping tea or playing a game of Patience. For me it makes time fly. If that is not the case for you, if you are blogging to get a certain result and you are not enjoying the process of blogging, then please, don’t torture yourself and go do something you are more passionate about.


The chances that your blog is going to get you anything beyond the fun of creating and the thrill of ‘maybe somebody will read this and it will add something to their life’ are very slim. Very slim indeed.

But let’s say you do have that passion and you do enjoy pouring words onto a blank page.

What can you expect beyond that?

It could get you friends. Yes, really. It’s happened to me.

It could get you a girlfriend. Happened to me. Once. In maaaany years of blogging. So if your goal is to get a girlfriend through blogging… ow God, please, do not proceed!! Stop right now. Go do some group activity you are passionate about. Join a pottery class. Join a cooking class. Grab a yoga mat and find a tribe to vibe with. Join a language class. One of mine if you can, some other one if you must. But don’t blog with such a specific goal in mind.

It can get you a little bit of money. I suppose it could even get you a lot of money if you strike the right niche and the mysterious ways of the internet make it famous. But most likely it will just… get you a little money. Via donations for example.

Which… by the way… you can still do. Via paypal. My account there is rigoreobstinato@hotmail.com, any amount is VERY welcome.

It will help you discover other bloggers. Bloggers will eventually visit and give you a like and you will probably go take a look at the blogs of those kind strangers. So yeah, it can help you connect with people. I have received emails from people in countries I have never ever set foot in, for example. That’s cool. (I admit my initial goal with this blog was to get rich and famous and laid, buuuuut am so not much wiser now and I see how it’s also great to receive friendly mail from far away exotic places).

For me there is a profound therapeutic effect that comes with writing online on a spot I can call my own. This blog does feel like home. It’s not the palace I imagined it would be, it’s more like a cave or a hut on a lonely beach, but it’s still home.

Writing here has often helped me realign my thoughts. I even think I don’t make enough use of that aspect of blogging. I still hold back or I write in a desperate attempt to get views (which almost never works and when it does work it attracts the wrong crowd).

You see? Whatever you do out of neediness is energy wasted and will leave you drained and may even hurt you in the end.

There is not enough passion in this world. Look around. This world is run by humans degraded to the level of robots.

So whenever you can…


If I forgot to mention some perks of blogging please share.


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