It doesn’t take much of an effort. It’s one small extra step whenever you eat something. I don’t weigh every tiny bit of food. I didn’t weigh these three nuts for example, that’s just for the picture.

I weighed 50 grams of cashew nuts for breakfast. That’s a whopping 300 calories already. Jeez, I remember times I ate half a kilo in an hour or two. Wolfed down 3000 calories just like that and didn’t even feel full. It’s a miracle I never got to be obese, though last year I was getting there at some point.

There is other food I have seriously underestimated the calorie content of. So to do this right I really have to weigh my food, there’s no way around it.

And I don’t mind, am even enjoying it. It’s teaching me about food and I find it reassuring to know how much am eating and to stay in a ‘safe’ range.

Steps closer to a sixpack. The coveted summum of our culture 🙂

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