Ok, I look as serious as your average Ivan on any street in any Slavic country, but am actually feeling slightly better in this picture. Can’t even describe how shitty I felt when I woke up in the morning. For lack of a better word let’s just call the mental state I have been in for the past three months – and also regularly before that from time to time – hell. Two hours of cardio changed my mood into something liveable. And that’s huge. The best times of my life were made possible cause I used to go running religiously. Three times 12 km per week.

In March 2005 I got a screeching wake-up call and I got another one in August 2019, but I didn’t listen to it then. So it kept repeating. You can’t change without pain.


I have given up on trying to turn this blog into a hit. It’s not going to happen, so I just throw whatever I feel like on it. Without much thinking or editing or care. This website has taken up enough of my time and energy for – almost – nothing in return.


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