Every conversation starts with how much they have been looking forward to do a podcast together. After a while it starts sounding like the phoniest of must do intros. Imagine being the only guest with whom the host doesn’t do his ‘I have been looking forward to having you on the show for so many years now’. In every conversation there is way overdone masturbatory praise for each other’s work. It rains compliments back and forth for two hours. Meanwhile the most basic stuff is being heralded as an ‘amazing insight’. I will save you more than eight hours of time by summarizing five of these long drawn out conversations and the ‘amazing insight’ each one peddled. 1. Meeting your friends face to face will make you happier. 2. You should exercise to feel better and see things from a different perspective 3. People can’t read your thoughts. If you need something you will have to spell it out. 4. You should sleep more 5. Sugar and other things that give you a quick and easy dopamine hit are bad for you. Don’t do it.

Feel enlightened yet?


Notable exception: every interview with Gabor Maté is worth watching.