I got tested on a Sunday. The test took place outside. I had an appointment for 8.07. It went fast. The testing team was professional and very friendly.

I tested negative for Covid. This means that for the next few weeks I should be able to move around the city. Am not sure what happens if you test positive. Nobody seems to ask to see the certificate you get. So I think even if you were to test positive you could still go to the supermarket. Which is probably not a great idea if you care about other people’s well-being.

The whole testing process was smooth. The testing station is located about a mile from my home, so I could just walk there.

I don’t know what they government will decide to do based on the test results they have been able to collect over the past 7 days or so.

There was talk about dividing the country into two categories. The people in the 50 percent most affected regions would then be tested every week and those in the 50 percent least affected areas would not have to be tested anymore.

I almost don’t check the news and I certainly ignore most of the news related to Covid (I prefer to do more useful things with my time and things that are much better for my mental health) so I don’t know if that was the actual plan or just a rumor.