As I have mentioned in a previous post on this topic I have deliberately stopped counting how many days I have been doing this.

These are the benefits I have noticed so far:

  • All my life I have suffered from excruciating headaches. Those are gone.
  • I do not nap during the day.
  • I can focus longer. Like on reading a book in German.
  • I exercise more. Not a lot, but more than before.
  • I am a bit more assertive.
  • I have no problem showing my anger and being open about why I am angry.
  • I go out more often.
  • I feel a bit more confident in public.
  • I am on a diet which so far seems more easy to stick to than before no fap.
  • It saves me time.
  • I notice that watching porn was a factor in my depression.
  • I feel more free from women than before.

These benefits are enough for me to stick to this.

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