It’s impossible to calculate but in my short life I have spent thousands of euros on women in attempts to seduce them. Sometimes succesful, sometimes not.

What I have realized over the years is that all those gifts, lunches, etc were most likely completely unnecessary. Those that opted to sleep with me would also have done so if I had never given them any gift. In fact, the best sex I ever had was with a woman I never gave anything before I slept with her. This was when I was at my most attractive and women sought me out, not the other way around.

Sometimes I think what I could have done with all that money. It’s enough to have my own very fancy home gym for example. I would have got ‘more pussy’ if I had spent the money on clothes. I wouldn’t have done so because I hate spending money on clothes, but it’s true.

I think the best investment would have been courses. Psychology workshops. Language courses. Anything that teaches anything. Or a long trip through the US.

Or just throw it on the pile to buy more real estate.

I know I felt like giving those gifts out of insecurity. Out of neediness.

The fact is that if you meet someone new and sex doesn’t happen after six to max 30 hours of interacting with them, then it’s HIGHLY unlikely that sex will ever happen. And gifts are not even a factor in changing that.

As the Beatles sang: ‘Can’t buy me love’.

Most of those women had very little to offer except for their legs, their long hair, mouth and their other cavities.

It’s one of the sadder parts of my life that attractive women have always had such magnetic effect on me.

Even when you do get to sleep with them it’s often dissapointing.

Trouble is that as a man one always gets tired of fucking even the ones that are good.

One of my friends likes to claim great sex with someone can last a maximum of two years and four months.

If you are a guy and you are reading this: stop spending money on women you haven’t slept with.

You will be doing yourself an immense favor.

Giving gifts is just a shield for low self-esteem.

I think the best position to be in as a man is to get to that point where women actively pursue you, instead of you chasing them. Because it’s the ultimate proof that you have so much going for you in your life that she wants in on the fun.

Remember, a woman never wants a man, she wants to pick the fruits of the life that man has built for himself.

And by the way, a woman I do not want to sleep with could buy me any gift at all, she could shower me with gifts from the morning till the evening for years and I still wouldn’t want to sleep with her.

Why do we men have the twisted idea that women would react any differently?

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