First off, unless you are both smokers and she has indicated that she doesn’t mind going to smoky pubs, go for places that are strictly non-smoking.

If she is ok with smoking and she the type that claims to like books then take her to The Next Apache.

Try to avoid cinemas. Especially on a first date.

If you DO take her to a cinema you should take her to Lumière right in the city centre. As the name suggests there is a Frenchy feel about the place.

You can take her to the theatre. They love to dress up. The theatre gives them a reason to grab a fancier dress out of her closet. Fancier than she would wear to the cinema. It also gives you a valid reason to appear in a tuxedo.

Slovak women like formal clothes on a man, but that doesn’t mean you should suit up to take her out to an ice cream parlor.

Theatre is a good reason to dress up.

If you are a foreigner and your Slovak is only so so then the theatre can put you in uncomfortable position. She’s laughing and you didn’t understand a word. So be careful with this.

An excellent venue is the underground tea place on Venturska street. Close to Michalna Brana. You have big cosy rooms or ‘boxes’ there with pillows. The other people almost can’t spot you. So it’s kinda like having a private room, but she will still feel safe cause it’s still a public place. When in doubt take her there. Just make sure you don’t have stinky feet cause you will have to take off your shoes.

If she likes it a bit more ‘classy’ you can take her to Mondieu. On Laurinska street for example.

A trip to the UFO is also ok. Though the entrance fee is a bit steep, you will enjoy the view. Of course, you get the same view for free when you take her to the castle and that’s for free. Only trouble is that she’s probably been there a thousand times before.

Sky bar is also a good option. Try to get seats as high up as possible. Specify this when you make reservations. Make reservations well in advance.

You can take her to one of the boats on the Danube. Especially for dinner.

If the weather allows it a picnic in the park is also always nice. Just don’t overdo with the items in your basket. Slovak girls are checking for signs of self-confidence and self-worth or lack thereof every second you spend with them. If you arrive with an overly lavish basket she will understand it as a sign of weakness. Or a sign you are trying to buy her. Not consciously though. If you ask a woman she will maybe tell you the opposite. Don’t believe it. Less is more with women. A couple tasty items are enough.

On a first date it’s unlikely she will drink alcohol with you, but she might. So be prepared, but kinda expect her not to. Don’t push her.

If she is a beer lover take her to La Putika. Any outlet will do. Or take her to Miniivovar Richtar Jakub. It’s close to Medicka Zahrada. Of course I don’t have to remind you that you should never suggest an activity you hate just because she likes it. If you don’t like to drink beer at all then don’t take her to a beer place.

When in a restaurant don’t try to impress her. In fact, never try to impress her. Unless she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, she will see through your act and again take it as a sign of weakness. Be calm and relaxed.

Most Slovak women like nature and hiking so you can always take her on a trip. If you don’t know her well you will have to stay close to Bratislava. As soon as you know her a little better and she is more comfortable around you it’s also a good idea to take her to Vienna or Budapest or some small village in the country where you know they have a good restaurant or something worth seeing.

Slovak guys sometimes suggest to go to a gym for a date. Don’t do that.

If you have a nice car you can take her for a spin. Sad truth: the dumber she is the more she will impress by an expensive car. And the reverse is also true. The smart ones won’t even remember the brand of your car. Maybe the color.

You obviously have to kinda guess what kind of a girl you are dealing with. If she’s dressed like a hippie, is vegan, does yoga and wears healing stones round her neck don’t take her to Starbucks in a shopping mall. Take her to a flea market.

Walks along the Danube are always appreciated if the weather is ok.

Better than a gym is to take her to a climbing wall.

On a first date a Slovak woman will most likely decline an offer to take her to a restaurant. Probably for fear that if she accepts she will have to ‘repay’ you.

The intellectual ones you can take for coffee or tea in one of the many book shops that have a café.

Some other pointers:

Have clean shoes. Shoes that match the rest of your outfit.

WEAR DEODORANT. Just don’t overdo. If people passing your on their bike can smell you, you have overdone it. Except that you can’t stop them to ask. So just don’t overdo.

Touch her from the start of the date.


Make decisions. Propose where to go, propose what to try, propose when to change venue. If she doesn’t like something she will let you know. But what she really doesn’t like is a submissive guy.

Desire her and make it clear you desire her by your actions, not your words.

If you start verbally declaring your love, especially early on, she will back off and either friendzone you or ditch you entirely like you have the plague or something.

In general, if you are too much of a nice guy you stand no chance, unless with the very unattractive ones who have no other options. If she calls you ‘zlaty’, which literally means ‘golden’ then you have lost. Hi, you are eunuch in her eyes now. A zlaty balless, emasculated sidekick. Definitely not sex material.

Does this mean you have to be rude to her? No, just don’t bend over backwards.

Kiss her as soon as possible. Preferably on the first date.

You do this by escalating.

Touch her shoulder.

Touch her arm.

Let you hand slide along her arm.

Let your shoulders touch a bit when you walk beside her.

Go sit next to her.

Hug her and kiss her.

Kiss her well.

Slow and with passion.

Anything you say can and will be used against you, so for the most part keep the date fun and light, and only touch upon serious stuff from time to time. Otherwise she will think you are a clown. Slovak women are very traditional. They won’t go for clowns or goofy guys. Show you have your life together. Slovak women tend to look for a ‘normal’ guy. Whatever that means.

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