52. Get a cup with a print of a picture of you together on it. Get one for both of you. Use yours at work, she will feel super comfortable knowing that people see you’re a couple and that you are off the market.

53. Read the same book. Buy two copies of the same book and read it together at the same time so you can talk about it.

54. Get an Authenticity Diary or a Gratitude Diary and fill it in together every evening.

55. Create a mutual bucket list with lots of things you want to do together as a couple.

56. Binge watch one or two whole seasons of a feel good series like Friends.

57. Create a mutual Facebook profile, and/or any other mutal social media profile, like Twitter, Instagram…

58. Feed her mind. Watch some documentaries about things that really fascinate you and share your passion with her. Even if you think it will bore the hell out of her, if you are passionate about it she will be into it to. If you don’t overdo, of course.

59. Rent a tandem and go biking along a river.

60. We don’t want to encourage drinking, but get totally drunk together at least once.

61. Get two hometrainers so you can watch series together and exercise together. You can even race against each other from the comfort of your home. Double win!

62. Warm up your hands before you touch her. Especially down there.

63. Send her – tasteful! – pornographic gifs.

64. Don’t be TOO nice. This may come as a shock but women do want to see SOME aggression in a guy. So yes, pull that hair. The key is that you should warm her up before you get a little rough. If you don’t understand how many women like to be dominated in bed – in a respectful relationship – then you don’t understand women.

65. Take initiative. Take her out. Decide things. Just have her think a little less. Get her out of her fussy mind. She’ll be grateful for every moment you manage to take her mind off her next deadline at work, the grades of her kids, the laundry, the dust on the window sill, her sleazy boss, her headaches, her constant worries over whether she said the right thing or not, her never ending self-criticism…

66. Take out the trash. Don’t wait for her to tell you. Don’t tell her you did, otherwise it’s like you’re expecting brownie points.

67. Dissapear for at least a week. Go into hiding. Don’t contact her. Not even once. Really vanish without a trace. She will be so happy to see you when you finally re-appear! Wait, before you set up camp in the basement, DO NOT DO THIS. Always let her know where you are and always let her know when you will be home, approximately (yes, approximately, you really don’t need to be perfect).

68. Be very, very aware of any allergies she may have.

69. Don’t let her fall asleep on the wet spot.

70. Throw a party for no reason. Invite all your friends. Give the party a silly theme. Like the choco puffs party or something.

71. Water balloons.

72. Your objective is to get to such a level of communication that one or two words exhanged between you give pages worth of information.

73. Decide on a ‘I want to home’ sign. Like you can agree that if one of you draws a circle on the other’s body, it means that he or she wants to leave and go home. As a couple you end up in many different social settings, some are nice and some aren’t, sometimes you are just tired. It’s not always easy to find the right moment to leave, so thanks to this covert signal it will become easier to ship out without making it awkward for anyone involved. Do it, it’s really a time saver.

74. Have your portrait painted.

75. Call in sick together and cook up so much food on this stolen free day that you will not have to cook for weeks, freeing up time to do all kinds of other nice things.