Have we mentioned an abnormal percentage of Slovakia’s female population is good-looking?

Even the not so pretty ones will still be slender, elegant, have confident body language, good posture, a nice tan and feminine, stylish clothes. They have a spark that women from the west lack.

Slovakia is a country where pure material survival is still a major factor in a person’s decision making process. Things don’t come easy here. This is not material paradise à la Sweden or The Netherlands. People have to slave away for a living.

It’s normal, also with the trauma of communism just one generation away, to be fixated on material comfort, on material well-being.

So naturally foreigners who have a light attitude about money, and a more relaxed attitude towards life, are interestingly exotic. Foreigners have had more time and opportunities to get slightly more cultivated than most Slovak FAC guys are interesting to Slovak girls. (Slovak guys are FAC guys, meaning they care about fitness, alcohol and cars). French guys come with an aura of a super cultivated country. As a foreigner you bring along the associations people have with your country. For example, Slovak women tend to have very positive associations with France, even though most have never been there and even though France is facing enormous socio-economic problems.

Beware however that some Slovak girls are the opposite and are too afraid and too lazy to learn a foreign language, so they prefer to retreat into a relationship with a local FAC guy. Because it’s easy and familiar. And who knows? Maybe he can make something of himself, some day, so they hope. Maybe they can mold him into something extra.

More so than in Belgium for example you can meet lots of Slovak women who are dating foreign men, especially foreign men from the west.

You don’t meet the reverse. Has nobody ever wondered why foreign women are not dying to date Slovak guys? Why are Slovak women so in demand abroad, but not Slovak men? And it’s not like Slovak men never appear in the west. They are the west’s construction workers, builders, electricians, truck drivers, house painters, sometimes even IT guys.

While Slovak women manage to present themselves as flashy, highly valued, limited good, Slovak guys, underneath the surface, often feel like whipped dogs. Even the more confident ones often feel like they got a bad deal just because they were born here. The more cultivated a Slovak guy is the more modest and insecure looking he will be. Some Slovak FAC guys try to look confident by showing off their muscles, but this just makes western women laugh. It’s not easy to be a Slovak guy. As a Slovak guy you have to bend over backwards to make some money and you’re still expected to be the solid breadwinner of the family. I swear that guys around here talk far more about money than in Belgium (except for the small part of West-Flanders where people live only to work).

Over here the slick get rich and the rest get squished. Even intelligent guys at highly succesful firms often make next to nothing. No wonder they want to get drunk on the weekend. No wonder they don’t have the motivation to read novels or develop a passion for something hard that doesn’t bring you money, but that is of cultural, spiritual value.

No wonder Slovak women jump on the chance to escape this when it happens to present itself.