Tyler Durden, an expat here in Slovakia, and not immune to female beauty, writes:

‘Since I have been living here as a foreigner I can say I still have not figured out the mentality of the Slovak women I have dated AND yes, I have asked each one them. So, for me I have been amazed at the PHYSICAL beauty, the pride in keeping themselves well-groomed and very feminine and looking lady-like and being well-educated, academically.

After my divorce; and from my experience I would never date or marry another Slovak female as I have not met one that has meshed, matched or complimented my mentality. I would not want in the future my child to be raised by such narrowly closed-minded, intolerant and unrepentant women that I have dated. I have not met others, though no two were the same. The saying I’ve heard since residing here is, “Slovak women are for Slovak men.” From my experience, I have to agree a bit.

But I would not be the type of person to tell others not to pursue Slovak women and so on due to my experiences. I do find it offensive when someone is offended by another’s unpleasant experience. Let people express their experiences. It happened we may or may not like it but fact is fact for the person who has lived their encounter.

What do I think of the Slovak women I have dated?

1. Beautiful to look at, fucked up in the head and can’t be un-fucked.
2. Beautiful, no real deep underlying substance of life. Everything appears to be a duty to tradition and rules..all the time.
3. Beautiful, but CAN NOT STOP gossiping about anyone at anytime all the time.
4. Beautiful, but do not catch them lying, conniving, and being dishonest because THEY WILL NEVER admit that ANYTHING WRONG was done on their part. All of their unpleasant actions are categorized under; YOU provoked ME.
5. Beautiful, they put the home, motherhood and the family first. ( see not all is negative )
6. Beautiful, loyal to family.
7. Beautiful, the nice ones (personality) really stand out but not enough of those.
8. Beautiful, very good to children.
9. Beautiful.
10. Beautiful.’

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