1. Slovak people are incredibly nice

It’s safe to deal with them. They are usually trustworthy, sweet, innocent, happy, modest, pleasant, not arrogant at all, reliable and predictable, they almost never attack you and they are not very competitive, they won’t threaten you nor intimidate you. Good, solid, cheerful people. They’re especially nice to foreigners

2. Fantastic weather.

Tropic summers and ok winters, very little rain.

3. Bratislava, the main village, is nice, easy to get oriented in, and has lots of cool bars and nice, cheap restaurants. For a capital city it’s also peaceful, green, and not too touristy. Just really nice. With an excellent bus and tram system. It’s small and cosy, yet very international, you can have a lot of adventure here.

4. Slovak wine is very decent

Good quality, affordable wine, just as good as wine from anywhere else.

5. Educated population

They don’t know about history, but most people don’t. Thing is: Slovaks know languages. Their English is good, they understand some German, and they will always try to understand foreigners, especially if you’re from the west.