Use Power Questions. Here are some examples, with real answers.

What is the one thing that I can today that would make everything else easier?

Make all invoices and send them to clients.

What am I looking forward to with a lot of excitement?

Trying a new teaching method that should enable students to master useful vocabulary much faster.

What’s the most important habit you are drilling right now?

Daily cardio exercises and weightlifting every two days.

Train your idea muscle. Which three new ideas can you come up with right now?

– open a shop with Belgian beer and chocolate and other luxury products in Bratislava

– organize a language café with our school, the Dutch House

– I have so many Dutch lessons at the moment that I could hire and a train a student who knows Dutch to teach some of my classes, so I can focus more on interpreting jobs

How do I want to treat others today?

I want them to be more cheerful, more inspired and more energetic and hopeful after meeting me. I want them to feel valued.

How do I want to feel today?

I want to focus on what’s most essential for my business, and not be distracted by small stuff.

How am I going to reward myself when I get everything done today?

Dinner with my wife and our friend Eric in the center of Bratislava.

What kind of people do I want to attract today?

Sensitive, original people with ambition, who don’t try to compete with their friends, only with themselves, people who wish me the best and vice versa.

What’s your ultimate goal?

Monopolize the market for Dutch lessons in Slovakia and have a thriving therapy practice. And publish a sexy, satirical novel about seduction, phony people, politics, describe how small people can be, but with fascination and compassion, and in self-affacing style. A PEP novel!

What am I most grateful for and -important- why?

My wife. She knows why I am the way I am and she translates what I say and reflects it back to me. She knows how I tick, better than I do and she’s always supportive. She truly wants the best for me. I don’t know anyone who has a relationship like this. I don’t see husbands and wives supporting each other, it’s more like they use each other. So am grateful that I was lucky to find an exceptional woman who drives me forward, and isn’t childishly trying to sabotage me or something like that. I have some -not many- genuinely supportive friends and allies, and I know full well how rare that is, so am definitely grateful for those. I am also grateful that I’m spending a lot less time online and that I get more stuff done, and meet a lot more people face to face, which is a lot more stimulating than chatting. It’s probably the most powerful natural anti-depressant.