Eric is in town. A sociable, outgoing, funny guy, with a sensitivity that makes for pleasant, insightful conversation. He’s very attuned to his surroundings and observant, so it’s nice to hear what his first impressions of Slovakia are.

He finds Slovaks very polite, warm, and non-threatening, almost a little subservient. He’s very positive about them. He also notes how long the legs of Slovak ladies are, and how slender and tall they are.

So where did we go, on this fine Easter Monday?

  • The castle
  • The Danube
  • Prasna Basta, an excellent restaurant, located next to café Kút (which is kinda highschool humor funny, because kut means ‘pussy’ in Dutch)
  • The presidential palace
  • Eurovea shopping center, even though all the shops are closed today
  • Several coffee bars, like Urban Space
  • The old city center, with the soldier of Napoleon, etc

He likes the coffee, he likes the service, the weather is nice, the tram system is easy, and the tourist agency offers good maps of the city.

On Wednesday he’ll say goodbye to us and take a boat to Vienna, which is certainly the nicest way to travel to Bratislava.