Two hot babes -according to mainstream standards- come knocking at the door of a decent father and husband.

They’re soaked. They need help.

They become seductive.

So seductive that hardly any heterosexual male could ever refuse them.

That’s what happens in ‘Knock knock’, a movie starring Keanu Reeves.

As a story it’s certainly appealing.

What happens is unrealistic and Keanu Reeves is a pretty unconvincing actor, but even so it’s entertaining, it’s distressing, the movie still hooks you.

It’s also a vicious assault on men.

And it’s part of the culture that dictates that men are required to basically castrate themselves if they want to be respectable and deserving of love and compassion.

Watch it. It says a lot about how we expect men to deal with the sexual part of their identity.

What the girls do is totally unrealistic, but ok, as a nightmare with clear roots in our culture, it’s quite gripping.

Here’s the trailer.