Warning and disclaimer: Try to read this with a very open mind, because the person interviewed was brutally honest, which is a very rare quality and one to be respected if not treasured.. The views expressed in this interview do not necessarily cooincide with the values of Project Authenticity, but we do hate political correctness.

For those unfamiliar with the word ‘pick-up artist’ or ‘pua’, it’s just a term to indicate a professional seducer of women. These are usually men who are so could at seducing women that they created a business out of it, teaching other guys how to relax around women, and interact with them more smoothly. This is exactly what Vicente does. One private two day ‘in field’ training with him, here in the center of Bratislava or sometimes Vienna, will set you back 2000 euro. ‘And that’s dirt cheap for something that will revolutionize your life’, he says.

I ask him how much money he makes: ‘I like to work one on one, not with groups, as I don’t have any partners, but the money is good. Lots of guys are waking up to the fact that they have to change the way they talk to women, and how they feel about themselves, because the way a guy interacts with women, simply mirrors how he feels about himself.’

When we ask him if we should include a link to his website, he says:’I don’t even need a website, I purely operate by word of mouth, I get more requests for trainings than I have time for.’

According to Vicente, getting good with women is primarily about becoming comfortable in one’s own skin and becoming totally natural about expressing what you want and going for it.

‘It’s a long process, it took me ten years of mastering this. And I’m still learning.Women are the perfect mirror of the male soul. Any insecurity you carry around inside you, will be reflected in the way a woman responds to you, especially when you are attracted to her. When you become serious about seduction you are forced to really take a good look at yourself and all the emotional bagage that you’re dragging along.’

Vicente has Latino roots, but grew up in Slovakia and speaks Slovak fluently. He prefers to be called Vince.

In July I spotted him picking up girls in the shopping centre Eurovea and along the bank of the Danube river. I could immediately tell this guy was a pro. He approached them straight-on, was relaxed, made eye contact, kept his voice low and slow, during his introduction he held their hand much longer than somebody less experienced ever would. And he didn’t bombard them with questions, after his introduction he put the pressure on them to keep the conversation going, which they did. He also didn’t repeat every sentence they uttered, which is a common mistake men make when they are really nervous about talking to women they are attracted to.

He prefers to keep a low profile online, but he finally agreed to do a short interview.

‘In a small country like Slovakia I can’t have a big online presence. Bratislava is like a village. If I’m not careful they find out all about me online in 5 minutes of googling and I have to explain everything that I do. It doesn’t make it impossible to seduce them, but all the explaining gets very tedious. I’m very tired of having to explain how restrictive our sexual morals are and how this is making everybody unhappy. Lots of people are being hypocrites about their sex life and their desires. Why not just accept the urges we have and deal with them head-on? They always ask the same questions and they always come up with the same snap judgements of the life style of a pick-up artists. Many come around to see how this life is more honest, to one’s self, and to women as well, but I’m just tired of explaining and having to defend my choices’, he says. ‘When I’m in the seduction process with a woman, she doesn’t stop to ask all those society programmed questions, seduction is a natural thing and they will go with the flow. To get good at seduction you need to deprogramme yourself, people have no idea to what extent they’ve been conditioned to live inside a tiny little sandbox.’

Asked about his ‘trick’ to seduce women, he says ‘It’s not a trick. It’s a way of looking at the dynamic between the feminine and the masculine. It’s a state of being, of going along with this dance between the male and the female. Women want men who are stronger than them, who will dominate them. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I don’t mean you should abuse them. Certainly not, but you do need to take the lead. If you’re not in charge, she will feel no ‘chemistry’. If you give a woman power over you, she will lose interest, she will start wondering about other guys, in her head you’ll never be the ‘one’ for her.. Studies have shown that if the woman makes more money than the man, it’s very likely that she will cheat on him. Let that sink in.

Women want to be challenged. Women will settle for a pacified dude who will treat them like a queen, only if they have been mistreated by too many jerks, but they will keep lusting after bad boys. It’s just how they are wired. If a woman is in total control of the guy, if she is pulling the strings, she simply loses respect for the guy. She will start testing him, she’ll start being cruel towards him, just to push him forward, to make him step into his masculinity. You won’t find many women who will want to settle with a man who’s less intelligent than they are. This is also why women put up bitch shields when you approach them, they are just testing how masculine and dominant you are. I know I’m not expressing a popular view here, but it’s just the way it is. Women want to latch on to a male that is stronger than them. If he’s not stronger, they won’t feel the chemistry. If a woman stays with a man who doesn’t challenge her the way she wants to be challenged she will either destroy him by provoking him and by being unsatisfied -which gives men a horrible feeling, as they want their women to be satisfied- or she will ignore her own needs and she will be sad and depressed. She won’t be doing that guy any favors by staying with him, because he won’t have any incentive to embrace his masculinity’

Our question: ‘Ok, let’s just suppose for a minute you are right about this, we’re not saying that you are, but let’s just suppose you are. How does this knowledge translate into succesful seduction techniques?’

Vince: ‘Well, it’s not really about any techniques. It’s a mindset you need to develop. You can’t let your happiness depend on a woman. What she thinks about you, shouldn’t matter. You need to be satisfied with who you are, you should be excited about your life, not she. If she is, fine, great, but that’s not the point. The less you need her to feel good about yourself, the better the chance that she will be attracted to you. Women are more interested in guys who don’t throw themselves at her feet. That’s the worst mistake you can make. If you worship a woman you’ll be lucky to get some sympathy or pity from her, but often she will just see you as weak and unattractive, even if she won’t say that out loud.’

‘Ok, but can you describe what a typical seduction process looks like?’

Vince: ‘It’s different every time, because there’s no script. I don’t know what I will say in advance. That’s the surest sign you haven’t mastered seduction yet, if you are practicing lines to say to women, if you’re looking for some sort of manual where every single step is spelled out. The basic mindset is: look, you seem fun, if you want, you can be a part of my world and see how that works out, if not, fine, I’ll just move on, it doesn’t matter anyway, there are plenty of women who’ll want to come along for the ride. That is what women vibe with. If they feel you can be with many other women, but single her out, or if they have to fight for your attention a little, that’s what they react to.’

‘Do you get rejected a lot?’

‘Rejection is part of the game. Someone who hasn’t mastered seduction can walk up to 100 women and maybe if he’s lucky, he’ll get two dates out of that. If he’s very lucky he may get four. If you’ve mastered seduction you can get up to 60 dates out of a 100 approaches. Maybe if you’re very good you can get up to 80. Nobody gets a 100 out of 100, that’s impossible. I don’t do as many approaches as before, because I focus on a few high quality women, but I could easily maintain a 60 out of 100 success rate.’

‘Many people would be quick to say that there’s something disturbing, something pathological about serial seducers. Is there some trauma you’re trying to make up for? There’s this theory that people like Don Juan or Cassanova were actually looking for the love of their mothers, which they never got. What’s your opinion?’

‘No, I’m not looking for my mother. I got plenty of love growing up in Latin-America. We have very warm families. This is a typical example of trying to classify what men who love seduction do as something sick, something wrong, something we should condemn. I find the opposite to be true. The better men get at seduction, the better for women. Women LOVE to be seduced. But by a guy with the right attitude.’

‘Are Slovak men good seducers?’

‘No, they are notoriously bad at it. You’ve mentioned mothers before. Well, Slovak mothers spoil their sons so much that later in life they settle down with a woman who will cook and clean for them. In return those women get bad sex from a husband who likes to drink quite a bit of alcohol. It’s sad. When my brother was visiting here, he said: ‘Waw, I’ve never seen so many beautiful women who seem so unsatisfied. He called Slovakia the Valley of the depressed barbie dolls. Take a good look around. These women invest so much time in their looks, but take in their facial expression, their vibe: they are so unhappy and unfulfilled. I’ve read your article about what Slovak women are like and it’s fairly accurate I would say, but I’m afraid you’re being too polite.’

‘Do you have any tips for guys who wish to get better at seduction?’

‘Stop caring! Why do you need the validation of a woman just because she’s physically attractive? Look past that. Of course you are drawn to her by the way she looks, but please, just don’t give a fuck. Don’t look up to her just because she happened to be born with a pleasing exterior. Don’t give her any respect based on that, make her earn your respect and you will get laid a lot more. Stop with empowering women just because of the way they look. It’s incredibly superificial and it castrates you, stop being in awe of them. What kind of merit is it to be born with certain physical traits? None whatsoever. And guys, please stop liking the pictures women post of themselves on social media. You’re giving your power away and she won’t desire you because you fucking like her picture on Instagram. Only give her credit for her real accomplishments as a human being. That by itself will increase your sex appeal a thousand times.’

‘Ok, our last question: Why do you call yourself, El Vampiro? It doesn’t sound very flattering, I must say.’

‘Frankly, I don’t care what it sounds like. It’s just a basic fact that women want to be taken on a wild adventure, they like a little bit of danger. Do you know where it comes from? Because so many women have told me: ‘what really turns me on, is a man with the potential to break my heart.’ That’s where my nickname came from. I didn’t pick it myself. A Greek woman – happily married with children – came up with it. She said it jokingly, as a thank you, for spicing up her life.’

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