1. Dr. James Gilligan, prison psychiatrist and former director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Harvard Medical school, points to US prisons as ‘graduate schools for crime’. The US has an extreme record of criminal behavior. In 2011 there were 12,408,899 arrests… That’s 4,000 per 100,000 citizens. The second highest number we see in Germany, 2,112,843 arrests, or 2,300 per 100,000 almost half as much as in the US…
    In the US one in three blacks will end up in prison… Where they will work for big multinationals for a pittance. Slavery in the US never vanished, it just morphed into an exploitation of its mostly black prison population.
    money issues as a society
  2. We are still so simple as a species that this non-celebrity Slovak lady gets over 500 likes for showing a bit of cleavage.

    cleavage makes you click II.PNG

    Seriously? Is this how we choose to spend our time? By liking pictures of a lady who has probably spent hours trying to get the perfect provocative non-nipple showing selfie of her fetishized body parts??? Really?? Can we really not do better than this? If the website you are now on, would appear to be run by this girl, with the same articles, but with regular posts of her cleavage, this website would now have at least one thousand times more followers. That’s how primitive we are. Look at this political commentator with 100,000 followers on Twitter. Does she really need to flaunt her mammaries in our face and throw us a seductive porn star look? Is she even real? Or does some government recruit her as an image for its propaganda machine? I wouldn’t be too surprised.
    sarah abdallah_cleavage.jpg

  3. Do you know that ancient spiritual practice called yoga? Yeah, it’s very spiritual. Leads to nirvana or enlightment some claim, you know, forgiveness, detachment from simply earthly pleasure. That sort of thing.

    yoga used for the narcissistic focus on the exterior

    Apparently it can also get you a sixpack. I suppose Buddha was the Mohammed Ali of his day. Who knew?

  4. Meanwhile these two wannabe Alpha males are waving their dicks at each other.

    prick waving

    nuclear weapons

  5. In the US there’s a debate raging over whether or not to remove monuments dedictated to people who fought for the slavery loving side of the American Civil War. Ironically, the most important effect seems to be that the defenders of these momuments haven’t been as strong since the top days of racial segregation in the south of the US. Their Facebook hate groups, disguised as history groups who are speading their gospel about how blacks actually loved to be slaves, are booming.

    what you try to suppress grows stronger

    What you try to suppress grows. I would love it if the pope were to say today that it’s a sin to go to this website. If you are against something, shut up about it, and be very vocal about what you are FOR. That’s what the opposition to folks like Donald Trump don’t get. There’s no such thing as bad publicity. And I am now guilty as charged, because every time you mention the name of your enemy, you just make him stronger.

  6. ok, so this is a pet peeve of mine. If gay people scare you, you have two options. See picture, with a quote by Joe Rogan.

    gay marriage

  7. I love Quora, a platform where people can submit questions and hopefully get an at least semi-professional answer by passionate users, but if there were as many questions about how to eradicate poverty as there are about dick size, we would have rid the world of poverty about a year ago, I guess.

    penis size.PNG

    For once and all: women view everything through the lense of associated feelings. Here’s the only dick size graph that matters, ok? You can now safely move on to other pressing matters.

  8. Yesterday my adopted brother came to visit. I always cheer up in his company, an effect that is not there when we chat online. But we rarely meet, even though we live 500 meters apart from each other. Do you want to see the most important reason behind this? Well, here you go:

    the monster of the internet.JPG