According to some research a friendship is likely to survive a life time if it can endure 7 years.

Some anecdotal evidence:

Meet my friend Benjamin Bossaert. A guy I’ve known since 2003. We’ve been classmates, room mates and house mates, and now we’re practically neighbours.

We’re both Belgian, we both studied Slavic languages (but different ones).

We met at university in Gent, exactly 14 years ago. That’s twice the required 7 years.

Today we both live in Bratislava, we both live together with a Slovak woman, we’ve both bought apartments this year, and we live PRECISELY 500 meters away from each other, which is less than 5 minutes of walking.

We got all the dirt on each other, contrary to popular belief, we are not always nice guys, and nobody knows this so well about the other as we do, but I suppose the secret of our brotherhood is that at the end of the day we choose to focus more on the good that is in the other.

Is our friendship to last a life time?

Hopefully, because it’s becoming increasingly likely that our kids will grow up together.