If I chose society’s idea of success I should at the very least be an entrepreneur running some company, wear a certain type of clothes, should have glossy pics on my social media feeds of me in Dubai and I should definitely be driving some very expensive car.

But that’s not my idea of success at all. I wouldn’t mind running a company, in a way I run a company (it’s just me and Zuzana, but it’s a company), but I don’t care about any of the rest.

I don’t think we sit down enough thinking about what success looks to us specifically.

We are flooded by images and messages concerning success and they are often very similar and very simple.

That’s why I love this quote so much.

For me success means:

Having lots of time for my son, making sure he has a magical childhood, creating value the best way I can, in my own unique way, for as many people as I can reach, spread love and joy, for others, but also for myself, to be fit, to always be learning and growing, to know what is meant for me and what isn’t, to be sexually satisfied (few books on success or motivation even dare to bring up this topic) and to have great friends in my life. I want to be sure am doing the best job with the hand of cards I have been dealt.

That’s it.

What is it for you?

Much love,