It’s the thing that stands between me and one of the most important aspects of my vision.

So no, I don’t put sugar into my body. Unless on some special occasion. When I throw a party maybe or when there is something to celebrate.

The last one to go will be Axis and Allies, the video game.

For about two years I have been trying to beat my personal record in winning the game on hard mode.

It’s nine rounds.

It’s really become a bit of an addiction. I play it to escape my feelings of anxiety and restlessness.

I have to face boredom and not run from it. Boredome can be very fruitful.

The only excuse I have for it is that I ALWAYS listen to podcasts or audiobooks while playing it.

But excuses are… lies.

I quit on the 12th of February.

I’ll publicly shame myself on this blog the moment I fall of the Axis and Allies wagon.

Hey, what is an addiction you are struggling with?

Much love,