Think of a task.

Say you want to paint a painting.

Don’t go: I will work on it a bit every day for a month.


Set a day apart or even two and DO NOTHING ELSE until it’s finished.

Go task by task.

Set enough time apart per task and COMMIT to it. Stick to it until it’s done.

One of the biggest advantages here is that you get the most out of the hardest part: starting.

Once you’ve started, just keep going.

If starting is the hardest part then make sure you limit those starting moments.

It’s hard to start working on a painting, but if once you get going you keep at it, you will get the most out of the ‘pain’ of the start.

You can’t do this for every task. Some things need regular watering and can’t be finished in one go.

If that’s the case you should make the start as easy and as light as possible.

You can’t do it for getting your ideal fitness body. One super workout a month is not going to do it, this is a goal that needs regular watering.

Generally batching is a very effective tool to increase your productivity.

In our distracting world it’s super hard to focus on one thing for a longer period of time, but I swear it’s the way to get lots of things done. One by one. In batches.

The feeling of having accomplished something big BEATS THE HELL out of scrolling through news feeds and other very common modern distractions.

Much love,