If you don’t even know what you are shooting at, how are you ever going to hit anything worth hitting?

This idea is so incredibly simple and yet, when I ask people about their goals in life they either can’t tell me or their goals are very vague or they have a goal that you just feel doesn’t energize them at all. It’s a goal that comes from their head (meaning: their environment), but not from their heart.


Find goals that excite you.


Not just once.

Once or twice EVERY DAY.

What? Too much work?

If I tell you that the people who write down their goals twice a day are much more likely to reach those goals and you go: too much work… is that all your goals mean to you?

Love your goals so much you LOVE writing them down.

I look at my goals and writing them down is just pure joy.

By writing them by pen I feel like am embracing them.

Go write down your goals.

Then write them again tomorrow. And the day after that and the day after that. Till you reach them. Then write down your new goals.




Do it.

Thank me later.

Much love,