For years I consumed any information telling me how our economy is rigged, politicians are bought and paid for by greedy multinationals and the rich get rich by exploiting others or because they were to the manor born.

These days I soak up any information I can find on how to feel better, how to be happier, how to feel driven, motivated and how to accomplish things am proud of.

For the first time in many years I can look in the mirror without feeling disgusted by myself.

Instead of reading some horribly depressing book about how many women were raped during World War 2 I read a comic book or a fairy tail or a funny romance novel or something packed with tips on how to boost my happiness levels.

I also enjoy sharing what I learn with the people I meet every day.

Through my ongoing process of optimization I have – for example – discovered how much love I have inside and how much I enjoy sharing it. I hope what I write and share here will start to reflect that more and more.