I remember my New Resolution for 2021. I wanted to read 100 books and I did. Even halfway through the 100 books I had already decided: I am NEVER doing this again. Am still proud I did it though. It’s just not something I find very useful. I think reading 30 books you enjoy the hell out of is just fine. That’s still more books than most people read in a life time. It still requires you to read about 3 books per month.

2022 was such a shitty year I have zero recollection of what my New Year’s resolutions were…

In July 2022 I decided to get in shape and I haven’t been in any better shape since my early twenties.

So that is going to be top of the list.

1. Stick to my diet, stick to my workout routine (turn it up a notch even) and get to my ideal body image. The more strict I am the better I feel and that positivity spills over into all other aspects of my life

2. Spend more time with Bruno

3. Keep improving my German

4. Finish a novel, preferably more than one

5. Something I am not ready to disclose yet

6. Stay out of trouble

7. Stick to my spiritual routine. I haven’t been building habits just to improve my body. I have also developed a lot of habits to stay mentally sharp.

8. Do more fun stuff. Not just work, work, work.

9. Read about 30 books I can’t put down. If I can put the book down I don’t want to be reading it. Audiobooks don’t count.

10. Bond more with male friends. Never thought I’d say this, but there you have it: build much better connections with male friends, not just female friends.