I will always choose going to the theatre.

Big concerts are a big no no for me, cause everyone is filming the whole thing with their phone and/or watching the thing on the gigantic screens set up next to the stage. My own eye balls keep being glued to those screens and am standing there thinking:

I could be doing the dishes at home and still be watching this concert on my phone and be a lot less annoyed.

Small concerts?

The trouble is that almost all the artists I like should have retired thirty years ago. If they are still performing then they are just too old and way past their prime for me to enjoy their concerts.

I guess I enjoy music best on my own.

I do love going to the theatre.

If I didn’t live in Slovakia I would probably still be acting in plays as a hobby.

The last time I went to a concert – because I wanted to go, not to keep a friend company – was some time in 2007.

That’s more than 15 years ago.

The last time I went to the theatre because I felt like it was a few weeks ago.

I think that answers the question.

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