Slovakia is a country of apartments, so you hear a lot of drilling around here.

When they are mowing the lawns around our apartment block and I have to focus on teaching online.

When Bruno is crying, obviously. Not that he is not allowed cry, but it causes me terrible discomfort. I wouldn’t say it gets on my nerves though. It just makes me worry and activates my every brain cell to figure out how to soothe him.

People talking on the phone in a bus or a train also get on my nerves.

Slovak guys talking and using the most common Slovak expletives in EVERY sentence. That really gets on my nerves. I am not a native speaker of Slovak and still Slovak expletives bother me a lot. Especially because some people use them in every sentence. Am not against expletives. I use them myself, particularly in English and Dutch, but when people overuse them they just become silly.

The sound of busy traffic also gets on my nerves. Partially because I… hate cars. They take up space, cost a lot of money, dominate the city, make lots of places extremely unsafe, pollute and people become way too obsessed with them and use them as a penis or ego extension. I hear the sound of cars and I think about the horrid influence cars have.

Also typical for Slovakia: drunk guys yelling on the street at night.

Doesn’t bother me too much, but am always scared they will wake up my son.

Also the sound of the cappuchino machine in restaurants and coffee bars when am trying to have a conversation there or because my students want to meet there.

You may get the wrong impression, but generally am not too bothered by sounds.

So what sounds get on your nerves?


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